Sit down, pour it out

(Photoshop, I love you.)

I started playing around in Photoshop in 1999, I think that’s the year v5 came out. I was hooked on it for quite some time, learning tricks and trying to “paint” with my mouse. A couple of years later, I’ve bought a Wacom Volito, which turned out to be quite OK. It helped me a lot while working on my personal favorite, “Casperz nightmare”.

“Silver metal fingers” was my first ever creation (I believe it was February, 2000). I created the outlines in Corel Draw and then finished the image in Photoshop. It’s basically just chrome filter with craquelure at 0px applied over it, if I recall correctly. But it still looks interesting, I think.

I haven’t created any new graphics in the past few years, but I might create something again, maybe, some day o.O

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I’ve been a member of this fine internet artgroup since 2002. Visit for more info.


18.09.2003. #23 – “Iniquitous”

750 x 1000px, 281 KB

“Breed #22 promo poster”


Promo poster for Breedart’s 22nd art release

396 x 612px, 75 KB


25.11.2002 #21 – “Avarice”

1152 x 808px, 208 KB

“Casperz nightmare”

19.09.2002 #20 – “Elysium”

990 x 1200px, 202 KB


17.07.2002. #18 – “Cynosure”

1000 x 1190px, 172 KB productions (2001-2002) was a short-lived project of mine. The idea was that I’d create a new image every month and display it on the site. As you can see below, it didn’t take me long to lose track of time and ultimately give up :/

“Chasing The Dragon”

May 2002

322 x 551px, 15KB

“Twisted Perception”

November 2001

321 x 372px, 41KB


September 2001

295 x 415px, 48KB

“Natural Flow”

July 2001

373 x 500px, 24.6KB


June 2001

290 x 624px, 32.5KB


May 2001

300 x 500px, 45.3KB

“Cookies’ diary”

April 2001

500 x 500px, 67.6KB


March 2001

295 x 415px, 48KB

Older works (2000-2002)

As the title implies, my earliest Photoshop creations.

“One To Become”

1152 x 864px, 84.4KB


1152 x 864px, 100KB


1024 x 768px, 72.5KB


1600 x 1200px, 292KB


1152 x 864px, 97.1KB


1152 x 864px, 224KB


1152 x 864px, 34.9KB

“Silver Metal Fingers”

1280 x 1024px, 79.5KB