Rescue: The Beagles

With great pleasure, I present to you yet another game that began as an electric spark in the brain of 16×’s own, Mr. Nenad, and ended as a notable part of the future’s gaming history :) “Rescue: The Beagles” is a side scrolling platformer that relies on procedurally generated content to deliver some great gameplay.


It was made for TIG Source procedural generation game competition and, so far, people seem to like it. For example, LaughingCrow reviews the game on Lithium Leaf and mentions that one of the more enjoyable moments of the game was the first appearance of the enemy known as Vivisector, because when he enters the screen, he says “Doggieeeess…” in a creepy voice. I’m particularly proud of that, for that is my voice. Ha. I’ve also created the sound effects and half the soundtrack. The credit for the other half goes to Rich Vreeland who composes awesome, very enjoyable (sometimes even addictive) C64- and ZX Spectrum-inspired music. All the sound effects (except the enemy voices, naturally) and music were created using the incredible “Unknown 64” C64 synth by Odo Synths – do check it out, please – it’s pure fun :D I’ve tried to do my best with limited time and I hope it sounds decent, at least :)



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