Ablation X

This game is still a work in progress and I kindly ask you to look for answers on the official Ablation X page (and, if possible, harass Nenad with comments, demanding a finished product soon).


I’ve worked on the sound effects for way too long, and I blame the autumn depression for the slow process (convenient, right?). Not everything is polished to perfection yet, but it sounds pretty OK as it is now. You can listen to the beautiful plips and plops in the first video below, which shows my apparent lack of shmup skills – as noted by Nenad: “[Aesqe] kinda sucks at shmuping hence the lame action. But the musical track he did, albeit still in the early stages, is downright gorgeous.

I think that the kind of music you can hear in the two videos below would fit the gameplay well, but I’m open to suggestions. In the second video, we have Nenad demonstrating his 1337 shmuping skillz, destroying the supermegaalienbadass boss in an early alpha version of the game. The only reason this is here is so you could hear the music I’ve composed for the video. Yes, it’s amazing! It’s synced to the gameplay! OMG! Wow! How in the world did I manage to that?! Anyways, you will find links to the mp3s below the videos :)



  1. Ablation X gameplay video 01 music – 01:14

    Download: MP3 (1,169 KB)
  2. Ablation X gameplay video 02 music – 01:14

    Download: MP3 (1,125 KB)


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  2. Gayner

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here. This should spark up a good debate.


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