Uh huh and stuff (aka signs of life)

Um, actually, I don’t have anything mindblowing to say, I just thought that maybe it would be wise to notify “the public” that I’m still breathing and that there are some musical previews of mine in Breed’s Public gestation chamber. Just scroll to the bottom, will ya?

Heh ;)

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  1. Jamie Moskau

    (A updated version of this review has been posted over at for anyone that is interested. A number of pictures have also been added to the review.

    I’ve really grown to appreciate this little netbook since I bought it a few days ago. I think it’s just the right size for a mini-laptop who’s primary purpose is word processing, internet browsing, and an occasional movie watching (maybe even the occasional video game).

    I went out and bought a 2gb stick of memory because I knew I was going to be upgrading to windows 7 and figured I needed it. I originally installed Win 7 with only the 1 gb of memory that it came with, but the thing that surprised me was that it ran flawlessly with only 1 gb of RAM. I then installed the 2nd of ram and I noticed no difference in performance. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about upgrading to 2 GB of ram unless you plan on installing Vista (because Vista definitely benefits from 2 GB’s).

    I am a writer and college student and I already have a 15.4″ HP

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