Just a quick tip regarding Internet Explorer 6, CSS and underscores

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to go through your stylesheet and disable/enable selector properties one by one just to figure out which one is IE6 having a fight with, please don’t be stupid like me and don’t do it by adding an underscore (_) at the beginning of selector’s name (for example: “_clear: right;”) — to IE6 it’s all the same, “_clear” equals “clear”. Rather comment it out or delete a letter.

I don’t know if it applies to all selector properties, I don’t have the will to google for it right now, I’m too tired.


  1. lala

    tako si sltki kad se mucis sa pizdarijama do duboko u noc, samo sta ti to nazalost steti zdravlju, stoga pazi da te ne bi u neku komunu bacilo. sa kosuljama i svim. :D


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