No, I never thought I’d write these words…

Ahem. Dear diary or something. Yesterday was a very special day. I’ve created a myspace page.

And if that’s not bad enough, I even uploaded a work-in-progress track to that same…page. An exclusive.

Anyway, enough with the whining and guilt-tripping — it’s there, go take a look, listen to the new unfinished track titled "A thousand sunsets across the universe", write a comment. I thought it’s better if I do it myself than to wait for some impostor to steal my identity, lol :-D

I’m freaking out because of the inevitable exams, my mother is planning her retirement next year, gotta sort out my life and stuff. Earn a living. Yes, my parents still support me financially and I’m eternally thankful, but it’s not exactly the greatest feeling in the world. I’ll be 28 in April, God…

I’ve got exam in telecommunications in 7 hours and 45 minutes. Wish me luck.

To Aesqe’s myspace page!


  1. 16x16

    I finally got to start setting up wordpress on 16×16 site. It’s bloody painful as my brain is not in tune with the whole css thing. I’m left behind in the era of table layouts 0_o So I’m checking your site every 10 minutes for umm… “inspiration”.

    Isn’t myspace like… for idiots? :p [insert bad web2.0 joke here] Anyway, great track.

    Off to watch Superman Returns. I hope it’s as crappy as I anticipate it to be. Btw I’m all out of tv series… I wouldn’t object against the new crop of DVDs. 2 and a half seasons of Battlestar Galactica tuned me just right. I could swallow any bs now. Even X files. Proof – favourite quote:

    Adama: We need someone who thinks outside the box
    Starbuck: I live outside the box



  2. Hejz


    Ok, now, seriously, whaddya need that for? :P As for me, no one will ever be able to convince me to make a profile, ever. :)

    I like this new track, just as I had expected. Of horse.

    Hope you don’t take this myspace criticism too seriously.

  3. aesqe Post author

    Heh, you two are cracking me up :)

    I’m glad that you like the new track, it’s still very under construction, I’ll finish it soon.

    16: you need a blog — right now, seriously. Go up the WordPress stuff and do it already ;)

    Hejz: I count on the criticism, it’s the best thing in the world. And there’s a perfectly good reason (I think) why I’ve created a myspace profile, I just can’t think of it right now :D

    Seriously (me too, lol) — I think it’s because I’ve noticed that some of my friends ‘went that road’, and that the place (aside from being a total mess, and a roost of immature people, and so on…) is actually a good meeting point, especially if you’re a musician. So, better have one than not ;)

    And I already have 13 friends! w00t! :-D

  4. aesqe Post author

    You do realize that my site is now permanently associated with “meet girls on myspace” on google. Eh, that actually may generate some traffic, haha :D


  5. 16x16

    It’s all about ~ease of use~. First we had the one-click shopping, now we’re all into one-click make-a-friend. I’m telling ye – the next big thing around the corner is the one-click get laid and then we’re ready for the solemn pinnacle of oneclickyness – the one-click live-my-whole-life-for-me-and-my-kitty/hamster (patents pending). Things are sadly regressing towards the lowest common declickonator.

    Too much wordpress I guess

    Hello, anyone seen my grip-to-reality? I could swear I saw it right there an hour ago…

  6. 16x16

    You think? Right after I pressed the submit button it started to look like a pile of undiscernable crap #_#

    This post will get 20 replies. I can feel it. We can do it. For the myspace. Together. Form a circle and hold your hands together. Repeat after me; “We are talking to the person inside of Regan now…”

  7. 16x16

    Did u find.dat after u made a profile or b4?

    It’s cracking but in my book number 9 shold be swapped with number 2. I’ll look up the author and ask him to marry me. After the sex change operations are done that is.

  8. Hejz

    Yeah, and a propos #2, the most vom-inducing phrase (well, it tops my list) – urgh… “thanx for the add” or “thanx 4 the add”, whatever makes your boat float. I hate it. >_>

    Anyway, 16×16, besides being very amusing, this click theory of yours is also very true, I honestly believe that. It actually falls in with one of my own theories about the way the world works. Not that I would ever be able to express it in words (now we’re talking about the (problematic) way my brain works..), but that bit of text deserves a copy/paste :)

    (and see how, after all, common sense is prevailing in aesqe, hopefully ’til the 20th comment he’ll be back from the dark side – *LOL*)


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