Vote for me. Vote for me. Come on, vote for me :D

A few days ago, I submitted a design to Threadless and now it’s up for voting. I’m nervous as hell :) I don’t have any high expectations, but I’m glad to see that so far, the comments are good and people are approving. *pfooo…*

If you’d be so kind to take a minute, follow the link below, take a look at the design, and vote — that would be really awesome :D

Rules of obedience - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Thank you, and don’t forget to vote for the other designs too, some of them are excellent.

And now I feel obligated to post some links, hmm… :)

Here you go, I’d definitely buy these: Sand Wars, A New Adventure, The Ugly Sheep, Kiss Panda, Reality Girl, Sugar and Spice.


  1. Heizei

    That’s such a cute design, it doesn’t deserve that stupid score =(

    I gave it a 5, what do I get?

    P.S. Please tell me which tags I should use to change the text color.

  2. aesqe Post author

    Well, you get a preview CD of the “Breedwerks” compilation (the music I’ve released for between 2002 and 2006) and I’ll try to dig up the “Priorities EP” and “N.I.” from the Egoboo office – there should be some copies left. And then I’ll destroy the CD’s by tagging my artistic name all over them. If you don’t like the idea, I hope a simple =Thank You!= will do :) Please e-mail me your home address if you’re interested in this one-time promotional offer.

    To change the text color in comments, try this:

    <span style="color: #FF0000;">(text here)</span>

    #FF0000 is the hex code for red (#RRGGBB), but you can also use some of the standard color names instead of hex code (color: red;)

  3. Heizei

    Oh dear, I wasn’t really that serious, but now that you’ve mentioned it… niiice :) That is sure to make my… trimester? Of horse (sic) I like the offer, don’t forget – I’m officially a fan.

    And, also, thanks for explaining how this color changing thing works. That silly message you had to delete was actually a poor attempt at doing it, before I edited. :) I think I tried to do it in HTML.

  4. Nathan

    no doubt it was an aainmzg experience….n i will nevr forget the nashta we (me komal,muneeb ,nussebha n rabbiya) n the chapli kabab of RS 200 each..n eating Mc donald at kfc lol..n adorble daughters of sir shamoon n sir munawar…….


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