Getting ready for another set of wars

War at home: two more exams to go. Typography and Information techniques (whatever that be). Blargh.

War abroad: is the U.S. planning to attack Iran? ‘Daily Kos’ says yes, ‘Times Online’ says that Pentagon has a ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran, and – most recently – ‘N.Y. Times’ reports that "Iran Reaffirms Its Defiance of the West". Nice.

There’s even more crazy news from the East. How about this (you know this one for sure): China banning reincarnation in Tibet. Or: South Korean hostages apologize for being kidnapped. That’s just fucking wrong.

On to some happy news.

I’m too (what’s the word I’m looking for?) to write. I have nothing interesting to report. I’ve been feeling down for the past two weeks and nothing seems to help. I can’t study. I can’t think. All I do is read stupidities on the internet, watch movies at night and upload sounds to Freesound. Wait. That’s a positive thing, isn’t it? Good Heavens! Well, at least that’s something :)

I’m gonna go watch Entourage Season 1, that’s supposed to be a great show. I really hope it is.

Go listen and rate some of my sounds on Freesound. And leave me a nice comment, will ya? :)

I’ve stumbled upon this video titled "Shoes" – it’s surprisingly funny and addictive, you should watch it.

Finally, here’s a nice Portable Digital Recorder Comparison, and here’s a Struggling musician’s [web] toolkit.

ps: Happy birthday, my love! :)


  1. Heizei

    I’m a wee bit late, but happy birthday to your love from me, too :)

    And, aIso, I have no combat skills :( Does that mean I’m born to be an artisti? He he..

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