File Gallery Examples

Default WordPress options

Template: File Gallery, linked to images, 4 columns

Template: List

Template: Simple (with javascript), random order, custom gallery class, opens in thickbox when big image is clicked

A river in Japan
A river in Japan

prettyPhoto (Responsive Lightbox plugin)


    1. aesqe Post author

      Yes, but you have to either:
      – change the code in templates/simple/gallery.php,
      – create a new template by copying the ‘simple’ template and change the code,
      – or change the width/height of ‘medium’ image size in WordPress

      the code that needs to be adjusted is on line 4:
      ‘$intermediate_size = wp_get_attachment_image_src($attachment->ID, “medium”);’

      try changing “medium” to “large” or some other WP size.

  1. Davor Popovic


    I try to use same template like is your on this site “Simple template” and I can not get to this work.. I do it all I need, link class to thickbox, template is simple my code is [gallery link="file" linkclass="thickbox" orderby="rand" template="simple"] and its not work.. Can you please tell me why? Did I need to install some other plugin also.. I have only your plugin installed?

    1. aesqe Post author

      No need for any other plugin, that should work :)

      Can you send me a link to an example page where this does not work?

  2. Carsten B.


    With this plugin activated, there’s a box shown in the custom-menu preferences dialog of WP3 that allows you to add media tags to the menu, just like regular categories and tags for posts. However, at first sight there doesn’t seem to be a possibility to make a gallery on the fly that shows all media tagged with that tag. I’d find that very useful. So is there something I’ve missed, or is there an easy way I could hack together a template that automatically shows all media for a certain tag using the default gallery layout?

    Kind regards

    1. Carsten B.

      Also, in /includes/attachment.php, line 98 onward, the width and height of the replacement icons shouldn’t be hardcoded if the user is supposed to be allowed to customize them – I’ve tried using icons that are 60×60 and wondered why they’d get squeezed to 46×60 although WordPress itself doesn’t do that in other contexts except File Gallery.

  3. jordan

    Hi It’s a very cool plugin but have a question I want to set captions in gallery but using file name by default in all of them is that possible? I have in my blog more than 2000 images too many captions :S

    Thank you

  4. Christy

    I’m attempting the “simple” template, but don’t see the option. I’m a total noob to all of this, I’m sure I’m looking right past it!?

  5. Zoli

    Hi again! I’ve already found the solution. I was played with the z-indexes a bit. Thanks for this excellent work!

  6. Ally

    I love this plugin, but I’m having a major problem. It allows me to select the images I want for each gallery via the checkbox, but it actually publishes ALL the available images into the gallery – not excluding the ones I don’t want in it. What’s going on?

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