“Lagano, lagano” / “Otvori oči i slušaj”

The third volume of “Lagano, lagano” series by Aquarius Records, published in 2000 (I think?), consisted of 3 CD’s — each of them covering a different music style. Altogether, the compilation showcased 33 brand new tracks by Croatian authors, two thirds of them unknown to the broader audience at the time. While the first and the third CD were focused on electronica (house, d’n’b, nu-jazz, breaks, trip-hop…), the second one was contrasting it by focusing on jazz, fusion, acid jazz, etc.

Four of my tracks appeared on the compilation, two on the first, and two on the third CD. You can download all four of them below.

“Chrome” is originally from 1999, “Don’t Stop” from 1998, “Starlight” and “Plee” from 2000. “Plee” was made in Audiomulch and it’s basically a ‘live’ recording of me twiddling the knobs. The other three were arranged in Fasttracker 2.

Two other Egoboo.bits artists appeared on the compilation as well, Blashko and Zvuk Broda. Egoboo.bits was formed a couple months later, if I recall correctly. Zvuk Broda and I were also nominated for the 2001 “Crni Mačak” (“The black (male) cat”) award thanks to this compilation.

The 2001 “Otvori oči i slušaj” (“Open your eyes and listen”) anti-drug campaign was accompanied by a compilation by the same name. The CD was published by Aquarius Records in cooperation with Croatian Radio 101.

“Chrome” appeared on that compilation without my permission, but it was for a good cause so decided to let them go unpunished ;)

I don’t have the original covers, this is the best i could find on the net:

Lagano, Lagano (2000, Aquarius Records)

  1. Starlight – 03:28

    Download: OGG VORBIS (2,649 KB), MP3 (3,252 KB)
  2. Chrome – 07:06

    Download: OGG VORBIS (5,542 KB), MP3 (6,665 KB)
  3. Don’t stop – 03:41

    Download: OGG VORBIS (2,522 KB), MP3 (3,455 KB)
  4. Plee – 03:55

    Download: OGG VORBIS(2,715 KB), MP3 (3,687 KB)

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  1. overklokan

    a ljudi moji, tip nema originalne covere ):o=

    javi se na e-mail ako trebas, imam i originalni cover i cd, prvi disk (“Pull”)


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