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The “What I want” moment in my own little history

So, without further ado, here’s a list of stuff I’d (really) like to own (not necessarily sorted by their level of hotness):

  1. Nintendo Wii and a bunch of games for it
  2. 4GB Pro Duo Memory stick
  3. Rode NT4 stereo microphone
  4. Zoom H4 portable stereo recorder
  5. Canon XL-H1 HD digital camcorder
  6. Sony PCM-D1 portable stereo recorder
  7. a stable but lightweight microphone stand
  8. new hard disk (preferably SATA, 160GB or more)
  9. new scanner
  10. new printer (preferably Canon Pixma iP4300 or better, one that can print on CDs)
  11. new pair of jeans (ahem, I’ve got ONE good pair and… well, after wearing it for over 2 years, do I even have to explain?)
  12. fat and warm sneakers for the winter (I know, I know :) )
  13. Wacom Cintiq or a tablet PC (ahh, the freedom…)
  14. a real concert piano (and a big room)
  15. 23″ Apple Cinema Display (or a Samsung in that size and quality range)
  16. HD LCD TV with HDMI (preferably 32″ or more)
  17. a top of the line DSLR camera with wide lenses
  18. a mobile phone that can handle 500 or more SMS’s (without slowing its operation when opening Inbox)
  19. a DVD/DivX player that has no problem reading files encoded by any possible DivX/XviD version and utilizing “that and that” feature (qpel, gmc, VBR audio, etc.)
  20. my own apartment with a sound-isolated room
  21. mad pd (pure data) skillz and a bunch of MIDI hardware gadgets to play around with
  22. all the other stuff on my Amazon wishlist and plenty of other stuff I can’t think of right now :)

What do you think: how would a world in which everyone has everything they want function? Would it function? Would there still be people who’d be willing to do their jobs so the world doesn’t come to a stop? And how do you even define that kind of world? Is it possible for it to exist?

And I’m still waiting for the snow >:(

ps.: this is something I really don’t need, but it looks waaay too sexy and I had to post at least a link to it: Cantar-X by Aaton. Why don’t all products look this good? I’d be definitely willing to pay more for a better designed product.