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This thing on?

Switched to P2 theme, hoping that maybe this frontend post editor will help me write more than one post a year.

To sum up the past 12 months:

  • Unity of Command, the game I’ve made sound effects and composed music for, is out! It’s a pretty awesome turn-based WWII strategy, and a demo is available if you’re interested. Check it out at
  • File Gallery‘s download counter is almost at 100 000, and v1.7.5 could be out sooner than you think. I’ll try to answer some of the more urgent e-mails and forum posts next week.
  • I’ve become very intimate with Javascript and I kind of love it.
  • I’ve been reading a lot about game development, game physics, best practices, etc. in the past few months. It’s… complex. So much ground to cover, so many different approaches, so time-consuming. It’s frustrating, but I enjoy it (most days o.O).
  • Brlog related: we’ve won some awards, created our first iPhone app, helped create an exhibition and pushed a few new websites out.
  • nothing new on the music front, but I’ll post a Unity of Command preview mix soon

Gotta go to the store, brb.

How to add additional e-mail addresses to WordPress comment notifications

By default, WordPress will notify only the actual post author if there are new comments on their post. But what if you want to notify additional people about every comment posted on the website? Like site editors, for example?

This is just a quick filter you can use in this case: