Retro Remakes 2006 and Counterclockwise

The Retro Remakes 2006 compo is over and 76 classic game remakes are available for download (modem users beware: someone forgot to resize thumbs and each page is over a megabyte in size).

My dear friend Nenad (aka 16×16) has coded a remake of the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game “Knot in 3d” for this compo, and in his version it’s titled “Counterclockwise” (link to page 4 of the compo list, should be first on the page), or simply CCW. Think of it as a game of snake, but in full 3d (16x16x16 cube), with enemy chasers (crafts) which you can destroy. You can pick up ammo, shields or score, perform “tricks” around obstacles, etc.

Aside from being a great remake (and quite addictive), I’m posting this because I’ve composed 3 tracks for this game, and some of the sound effects. I’m quite satisfied with the results and I hope you’ll enjoy the game!

I’d like to thank Nenad for giving me this opportunity, I’ve had much fun working on it :)

I’ll post the music files in a couple of days, when the judges pick the winners. I hope we’ll win something ;)

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