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Retro Remakes 2006 and Counterclockwise

The Retro Remakes 2006 compo is over and 76 classic game remakes are available for download (modem users beware: someone forgot to resize thumbs and each page is over a megabyte in size).

My dear friend Nenad (aka 16×16) has coded a remake of the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game “Knot in 3d” for this compo, and in his version it’s titled “Counterclockwise” (link to page 4 of the compo list, should be first on the page), or simply CCW. Think of it as a game of snake, but in full 3d (16x16x16 cube), with enemy chasers (crafts) which you can destroy. You can pick up ammo, shields or score, perform “tricks” around obstacles, etc.

Aside from being a great remake (and quite addictive), I’m posting this because I’ve composed 3 tracks for this game, and some of the sound effects. I’m quite satisfied with the results and I hope you’ll enjoy the game!

I’d like to thank Nenad for giving me this opportunity, I’ve had much fun working on it :)

I’ll post the music files in a couple of days, when the judges pick the winners. I hope we’ll win something ;)

Another reboot, and a slightly different approach

Greetings, Earthlings!

I’m glad that the Css Reboot site is up and running, I really enjoy browsing the reboots. But I don’t like the way sites are listed, I prefer the visual browsing using screenshots, or at least let there be a pure list of sites with direct links so I don’t have to click first on the site’s page on CssReboot, and then proceed by clicking again on the site link. Give people more options, mr. Howell ;)

Update: screenshot browsing is available – the Reboot hadn’t been officially started when I posted this a couple of hours ago. My apologies :)

My reboot? I started thinking about it some two or three months ago, with the first version completed in March.After a while, I didn’t like it so much, so I started again from scratch. The next version was done, ready, good to go about three weks ago – but it didn’t grow on me. The third try is what you’re looking at and I’m very satisfied with the final outcome. I’ve always loved the book/paper style, and the Moleskine notebook I’ve bought a while ago really inspired me. Also, I wanted to go back to a more ‘organic’ design.

I’ve removed the ‘web’ category as I haven’t been active in that field for a while. I thought I better emphasise what’s most important to me: Music. That’s why the link letters are red, so my visitors can easily spot it and understand instantly that it’ll lead them to the most interesting part of the site :) Also, the music pages are a wee bit more descriptive now and tracks can be pre-listened in-page thanks to the XSPF Flash music player.
Tracks are available in Mp3 and Ogg Vorbis formats and I plan to upload the lossless FLAC files soon.

Notice: at the moment, I’m having some PHP problems which may result in my front page displaying only two last posts and no ‘recent’ list at the bottom ? on random intervals: now it works, now it doesn’t. I’ll try to fix it by the end of the day. If anyone has any idea why a php script could suddenly stop and break, then please e-mail me. I’m pretty sure it’s not so much my coding as it’s the server’s configuration. Fixed, getID3 was having a fight with php.

I’m off to lunch. Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay :)

Breedart releases “Kokkonen” and “Movement”

“Kokkonen” is Breed’s 35th art, and “Movement” 28th music release. 59 art pieces and 14 music tracks should keep you busy for a while; I believe the two are some of the bigger releases we’ve had. Also, I’ve just noticed that it’s been a year and 3 days since our last music release, interesting… I hope you won’t have to wait that long for the next one :D

As usual, there are some new members aboard, of which I’d like you to pay special attention to Skybase, who is a very talented musician. You’ll find 6 of his tracks in “Movement”.

So please visit Breedart.org, relax, and enjoy the releases ;)

Css Reboot – November 2005

It’s been a nice, productive Halloween for me.
Today, I took a shower, had breakfast and lunch, did some work, fixed problems with my desktop computer, washed the dishes, smoked no cigarettes (I suppose I could light one now, it’s past midnight, heh) and I’ve successfully rebooted this website. Yay for me, right? ;)
Header pictures were shot by me in Japan this summer, there’s 90 of them showing up randomly.

Spread the love, people, spread the love.

And a quote to remember:

“I woke up this morning and I shit a squirrel. I mean it. Literally. Hell of it is, damn thing’s still alive. So I’ve got this shit-covered squirrel down in the office. Don’t know what to name it.” — Anchorman

Guess who’s back from miles away

Sooo, like, I’m back. Wicked crazy Japan, gotta love it :)

Took me a while to adjust to the life back here in Croatia, full of daily headaches, worries, unfinished businesses. But also some sweet, sweet people I haven’t seen in over two months ;)

I haven’t had much time for posting during my stay in Japan – my apologies, won’t happen ever again.

A short summary of 9 weeks in Nagakute (Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama too…): I realised what a great time I’ve had the second I landed back here. I loved what I’ve seen of Japan (tho, I’ve seen so little, sadly), the people are definitely different than the Europeans, but, as in any world, the ‘human climate’ changes from place to place. I’ve found it very easy to adjust to the way things work in Japan. But, since I have no intention on writing a book, nor I’m that good with words and explanations, I’ll just say that, for me, it was amazing.

Next: the goody gadgets.

  1. Sony PSP – can you say OMG?
  2. Sony DSC M1 – yeah, call me a Sony Fanboy. The picture quality isn’t -that- great (I’d recommend Canon or Panasonic Lumix over any Sony DSC), but it’s the ease of use, the rotating display, surprisingly long battery life, up to 1cm macro shots and 57 minutes of movie time on a 1gb memory stick, why I bought it. And it looks good too ;)
  3. Buffalo USB 160GB 7200 HDD
  4. A koto, a violin, a couple drums, shakers, a silver Zippo lighter from the fifties, bunch of t-shirts, comics…

Back to reality: 20 days until the 2nd Css Reboot and, for a change, I’m ready for this one.
Still working on same two websites, preparing new designs for launch in the next two weeks.
‘Directing’ a 30min ‘documentary’ about Expo (mostly about Croatian staff), losing my mind, I have 35 days to finish it.

To those who are subscribed to my RSS feed – please tell me if you don’t want to receive my del.icio.us links with it.

l8rs :D