Host body switched in a race for survival

After 3 days (and counting), I finally know who to blame for this huge outage. This is a quote from

Everyone can thank the lovely hacker “Jamaycka” for the problems we are currently having. You can see what a wonderful guy he is having hacked over 5700 websites at the following URL:,

Wow. That guy certainly has something to be proud of. Shutting down hundreds of websites at once, wow. For what fucking purpose? I’d feel much better leaving Abnormis’ services if it were their fault, if they fucked up something, but now… I want to strap that guy(s) or girl(s) to a splintery wooden chair, naked, and than bring in some small animals or insects that like to crawl themselves into body cavities. OK, maybe that’s a little harsh (hee… >:) ), but this is quite a mess that person has made. A bunch of website is unreachable, (, among others) and Abnormis will be out of business for a while, I presume. And that is wrong on too many levels.
So, I’ve transfered my domain to MediaTemple and it’s all working fine now. Also, I was quite surprised how fast the DNS switch happened — 5 minutes (maybe even less) after I’ve updated the nameservers in GoDaddy‘s control panel, my domain was working once again, e-mail too. I don’t know who to thank for this, I was expecting at least a 24h transfer period. Nice :)

I’ve made another (fairly noticeable?) switch too, I’m now using WordPress. The theme you’re looking at started as a small modification of the default ‘Kubrick’ theme, but I didn’t want it to drown in the sea of similarly looking blogs, so I gave it a touch of… um… me, hehe.

Enjoy your stay, feel free to leave comment, and please report any weird stuff. Thanks for visiting :)