Squirrels in tubes, the inner light of atheism, and a dire need for new clothes

I’m a huge fan of squirrels, they’re such lovely, cute, crazy creatures :D And they’re absolutely irresistibly cute when they’re babies.
Today, after following a link from Digg to that ‘Squirrel beneath the Macbook‘ video, I’ve ran into Elizalalala’s videos and I was just left in awe. She’s a wildlife rehabilitator and has a handful of videos of various animals she takes care of. The link will take you to the third page of her videos on YouTube, because it’s the most squirrelly page at the moment ;)

Continuing with the tubeage: try playing these two videos simultaneously: "The Picard/Crusher ‘love story‘"and this performance of "The inner light". Funny how easily they go together, sound-wise :) Also, the comments on "The inner light" are just one more proof that a big percentage of internet users are morons.

I don’t know if I’m an atheist, agnostic, or whatever — terms mean nothing when it comes to religion, but I certainly don’t believe in that one superior being that created us and everything else. And I certainly won’t take every single sentence written in The Bible (which is a really nice collection of interesting stories) — or, for that matter, any other major religion’s guidebook — for granted. Because doing that just doesn’t make any sense. Now "God’s debris", that made some sense ;)
Don’t worry, I won’t go on rambling about religion, I just wanted to post a link to "Peter of the Port", and his interesting post about "The new atheism".

BLDGBLOG points us to ‘Growing mountains of technology waste‘ — interesting read.

The last part of the title is a reminder to myself. Because I really am in dire need of new clothes.

p.s: you might notice some anomalies on the site in the next few days, I’m adding some new things, but WordPress is behaving a bit quirky.


  1. 16x16

    You’re an atheist. True agnostic would never waste a slightest bit of energy even mentioning insignificant things like “bible” or “supreme being”.

    Speaking of religion; as of last wednesday I started to declare myself as an “unworthy servant of Patanjali”.

    Oh and Visnu is forbidding me to poison my samadhi with youtube maya. So I can’t comment on squirrels which anyways are nothing but a mere deception designed to imprison the mind in the endless circle of samsara.

    Also on the same level of importance – I had a wee too much apple pie and now I feel kinda bloated.

  2. aesqe Post author

    Oh, you puffed-up apple-pie-devouring man! Cut down on it, or I will tell (your yoga instructor)!

    Thank you for explaining me the atheist vs. the agnostic thing, I wasn’t quite sure which was which was what. My name is Ron Burgundy?

    And I have one question: if Vishnu has no problem with you writing this comment, then why would the very same deity forbid you to watch the videos, huh, huh? Plus, deceits and illusions are sooo much fun, especially in form of cuuuuteeeeeee little squirrels :O) They make you forget about the bogeyman under your bed and the evil monkey in your closet, yesssss…


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