The first kittens already know how to swim, you suckers!

Eh, don’t mind the title.

I’ve decided that it’s OK if I post some work in progress music from time to time, when I’m sure it’s good enough for the general audience ;) I’ve created a new category just for that, and it’s called "The rabbit hole". For no particular reason. None at all.

So, why not begin with some recent cookies, aye? Here are three tracks that I’m working on at the moment:

"Sunken flowers and water homes" is so far still a product of one afternoon (last Saturday, the 10th, to be precise) and I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome :)

"The labyrinth" is from back in January, and I think I worked on it just one afternoon too. It’s far from finished, but it sounds decent enough.

Both are orchestral, but "Sunken flowers and water homes" has a drum track (one that I’m really proud of) and "The labyrinth" has some timpani’s and crash whooshes here and there :)

On the other hand, "A thousand sunsets across the universe" is an ambient track with a fat beat and a message of peace, love and unity at its beginning (what?). More or less, another one-day track. Why aren’t I inspired like this all the time? Pfft.

I hope you’ll find these three pieces interesting enough to write a short comment – it would really mean a lot to me.

Thanks for listening! :)


  1. 16x16

    Love all three tracks. My fave is The Labyrinth. Dunno why, probably because it has the darkest atmosphere. You should continue producing stuff with this “contemporary classical” feel to it. Really lovely and I wouldn’t mind submitting my ears to the album length worth of material. Keep it up, don’t lose the momentum.

    Shouldn’t the new category be called “The Kitten Hole” then? For no particular reason apart being more sounding. And a crumb of inherent sadism as a bonus… which is always… umm… a good thing :D
    *has bad table manners*

  2. aesqe Post author

    Thanks mate :)

    I’ll definitely be making more music like that in the future.

    “The rabbit hole” is one thing, and “The kitten hole” would be…errm…something completely different *khm* 8)

  3. Heizei

    Since I really have difficulties expressing abstract thoughts into words, there isn’t anything especially useful I can say (because comments of this sort are expected to be useful, right?). Sunken flowers and water homes is my favorite track, I know why, and I can’t explain, but the important thing is – you keep on making this beautiful music of yours.

    I don’t get this kitten thing, tho’. I am familiar with the proverb, but how come these tracks are your first kittens, when you’ve already made a couple of albums and so many singles? Or maybe I completely missed the point of the title.


  4. aesqe Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, Heizei :)

    The “kitten thing”… You see, sometimes a title has nothing to do with the content, especially when I’m writing both. And now I’ll try to explain it: at the moment of writing the title, I was just really, really angry at certain people who bag and throw the newborn kittens into the sea or river, and I’m even more angry at those who do that to cats they don’t even own, and even even even more at those people who do that to kittens that are more than a few weeks old.

    It’s a sad subject for me. I can try to understand – but I will never try. There is no excuse.

    So, in my fantasy world, the kittens have commando knives and know how to swim. And the bad people pay the price.

    Cue some eighties hard action movie theme song, rather than a sad classical overture – I’m fine ;)


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