Follow the white rabbit

There’s a new item in the rabbit hole…

It’s titled “We all begin somewhere”, and it’s a short instrumental (what else?) theme, easy on the ears :)

Piano, vibraphone, cello, violas and violins.

UPDATE: There also was something else in the rabbit hole, a “Back alley sneaker”. Pizzicato’s from outer space make way for a cello lead. Fire away.

Leave a comment if you like it, don’t be a stranger ;)


  1. 16x16

    Nice ones! You’re getting good at this. Make some of them into “full” versions perhaps. Anyways, bring on more stuff.

    Judging by the trends of your current classical phase, by the time Ablation X reach the final state (in a future not so far far away) you’ll get all too rad, able to produce Ikaruga grade orchestrations in a matter of days. No?

  2. aesqe Post author

    @16×16: Yes, I will evolve into a superior being soon enough.

    @Heizei: More rabbit holes are being dug up as I’m writing this! I expect to find some interesting artifacts in there :)

    echo "all is good";

  3. Terry

    I’ve been going through some of these rabbit posts and just thought I’d post to say that I really love your music! I’ll be keeping an eye on this site, heh.

  4. aesqe Post author

    My apologies, Terry, Akismet somehow thought that your comments were spam, I’m not sure why :/

    I check the “spam” area every now and then, and I’ve moved your comments into the safe zone :D

    So, thank you for your kind words, I’m really glad you like my music :)


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