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Russian rabbits

Here’s another one :D

It started as a simple harpsichord theme because I was going for something baroque-ish. I’m trying to compose a character theme for one game (the title of which I will not mention because I might not have anything to do with it in the end) and I constantly end up with something completely…off.

Maybe I need to read more about the character, dive into their persona. Or…something. Gaaaaa-argh! It’s frustrating :=

Cross your fingers and help me find the appropriate melody :)

Until then, enjoy the eastern winds.

Follow the white rabbit

There’s a new item in the rabbit hole…

It’s titled “We all begin somewhere”, and it’s a short instrumental (what else?) theme, easy on the ears :)

Piano, vibraphone, cello, violas and violins.

UPDATE: There also was something else in the rabbit hole, a “Back alley sneaker”. Pizzicato’s from outer space make way for a cello lead. Fire away.

Leave a comment if you like it, don’t be a stranger ;)

Down the rabbit hole, again

Jeepers creepers, it’s been a while since I’ve composed something that I thought was worth letting other people listen to…

So here’s a track of mine that still has no official name, progress, or ending – but I think it’s way better than all the stuff I’ve composed in the past months.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one, and its temporary-but-then-maybe-also-permanent name: “Converse” (as in “to converse”, not the shoe company).

Comments are welcome, as always :)

The first kittens already know how to swim, you suckers!

Eh, don’t mind the title.

I’ve decided that it’s OK if I post some work in progress music from time to time, when I’m sure it’s good enough for the general audience ;) I’ve created a new category just for that, and it’s called "The rabbit hole". For no particular reason. None at all.

So, why not begin with some recent cookies, aye? Here are three tracks that I’m working on at the moment:

"Sunken flowers and water homes" is so far still a product of one afternoon (last Saturday, the 10th, to be precise) and I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome :)

"The labyrinth" is from back in January, and I think I worked on it just one afternoon too. It’s far from finished, but it sounds decent enough.

Both are orchestral, but "Sunken flowers and water homes" has a drum track (one that I’m really proud of) and "The labyrinth" has some timpani’s and crash whooshes here and there :)

On the other hand, "A thousand sunsets across the universe" is an ambient track with a fat beat and a message of peace, love and unity at its beginning (what?). More or less, another one-day track. Why aren’t I inspired like this all the time? Pfft.

I hope you’ll find these three pieces interesting enough to write a short comment – it would really mean a lot to me.

Thanks for listening! :)