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When the leprechaun hits the F key…

…we have no other choice but to sing along.

We’ll say our final goodbyes to the one’s we’ve lost on the way to eternity, and then carry on towards the top of the never-ending hill—just to say hello again.

The good people of the Freemusicblog have linked my Egoboo “N.I.” release page. I thank them. No need to call me master, though ;)

Web.Burza does Hellgate:London. I say it’s beautiful. You should comply.

CC Hits is by far best product of Ning’s openness. I got two “like” votes for “After the rain”, yay for me :D

I apologize to anyone who expected me to do it, but I’m too lazy and too stressed out to review either Tascam HD-P2 or the SE Electronics SE3ST microphones that I bought a month ago. I can only state that, in my humble opinion, both are great and I have absolutely no complaints. What I paid for—I got. But if you have some specific questions, please fire them away at my e-mail.

These are the strangest times, my friends. Hopefully, the harmonizing silence is once again waiting just around the corner. So if you see one (corner)—please let me know.

Here, let the fluffiness overcome, overload you.