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One of a kind (or maybe just first) visually challenging post

I don’t have the habit of posting links to (or thumbnails of) pictures, or even one-shot small images to accompany the post. But I begin to like that concept. So today, probably for the first third time ever, I’ll give you some thumbnails, which are actually — get this — links(!) to a few interesting pictures and two screen shots on my flickr page.

Here we go:

A few days ago, I bought two Kinder Surprise eggs — one for me, one for my girlfriend. She was lucky. Her egg-hatched monkey was red and completely normal. Mine was not. It was purple (but that’s OK, I’m not a racist) and with some serious eye disorder. Please examine carefully the two photos linked below. My poor monkey…

Purple monkey on paper Purple monkey figurine - real world example

Next, there was this nifty notification from Toshiba:

Toshiba HDD protection utility

A ‘surprise’ comment on QJ.net’s science department page:

1st post!!

And finally, here are some photos of my Big Red Ball, my Tascam HD-P2 and the famous SE3 microphones:

The red ball Tascam HD-P2 The case SE3 microphones in their case SE3 microphones close up

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I have creating it.

Until next occasion — bye :)

I need help finding some comics :)

I’ve had no luck finding new copies of two first edition Battle Angel Alita comics, number 3 (“Killing Angel”) and number 7 (“Angel of Chaos”). They’re sold out on Amazon and even if they had new copies on their marketplace, I couldn’t order from there because Croatia isn’t on the list of countries they ship to.

Viz comics website offers 2nd edition only.

Barnes&Noble and Powell’s books have used copies only.

If you have any ideas as to where I could find these two comics, please write them down in the comments. I’m really in love with this comic and if someone helps me with this matter, I’ll send them all my CD releases — hard copies! Original! Signed, even! ;)

So, thank you all in advance :)

I’ve found both comics at Abebooks – they ship to Croatia and accept Visa and Mastercard, in case you were wondering :)

Yay! *claps hands and dances around the room*

The cyborg army has taken my favorite mall hostage…

Hello world.

I’ve been wanting to write for weeks now, but my own CMS has become the very thing that stops me from doing that. It’s ugly, unfinished, and lacking features. I’ll be moving on to WordPress soon — It’s got all I need, and yet it’s simple to use and set up.

So, my dear faithful visitors (the 5 of you), have I wasted 3 and a half years ‘developing’ this CMS? Luckily — no, I really don’t think so. I’ve learned PHP, MySQL, and the basics of C by coding it. But I’m one, I’m lazy, and I’ve definitely lost the inspiration. When your own creation turns against you, you gotta pull the plug.

From now on, I’ll put my time and energy into recording sounds and collecting materials for my own sample CD’s, because, in the end, that is the reason why I’ve bought the Tascam and the SE3 mics.

I’ve been recording a lot during this summer and I hope you’ll all be able to hear (and enjoy) the fruits of my labor soon.

Next on my list is Rode NT4 stereo mic, and then, later — I’ll probably go for the Sony PCM-D1 for some pocket-size pro quality recordings (if nothing better hits the market in the following months).

In other news: Akismet works just fine and I’m grateful.

Love, peace, harmony… bah, I forgot the last one.

rave on.

When the leprechaun hits the F key…

…we have no other choice but to sing along.

We’ll say our final goodbyes to the one’s we’ve lost on the way to eternity, and then carry on towards the top of the never-ending hill—just to say hello again.

The good people of the Freemusicblog have linked my Egoboo “N.I.” release page. I thank them. No need to call me master, though ;)

Web.Burza does Hellgate:London. I say it’s beautiful. You should comply.

CC Hits is by far best product of Ning’s openness. I got two “like” votes for “After the rain”, yay for me :D

I apologize to anyone who expected me to do it, but I’m too lazy and too stressed out to review either Tascam HD-P2 or the SE Electronics SE3ST microphones that I bought a month ago. I can only state that, in my humble opinion, both are great and I have absolutely no complaints. What I paid for—I got. But if you have some specific questions, please fire them away at my e-mail.

These are the strangest times, my friends. Hopefully, the harmonizing silence is once again waiting just around the corner. So if you see one (corner)—please let me know.

Here, let the fluffiness overcome, overload you.

Comments disabled until spammers buy new brains

It would make sense posting a hundred spam comments on some popular website with millions of hits a day, right? But here? Come on, it’s a waste of time unless you’re trying to piss me off.

I know that in my previous post I’ve encouraged you, dear spammies, to post more comments — but get a fucking life, will ya?

So, without much hesitation, I’m turning the bloody comments off. I think I’ll be installing Akismet, seems quick and reliable. Got any thoughts on this matter? Mail them to me, please ;)