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The life of Avery Phergham

I really dislike the word "blogging". And "blog", in general. Weblog (or web log) sounds so much more profound, truthful, even poetic—right?

And people decided to go with the two-letter-shorter version.

Maybe because most people’s writing is not even close to being profound, truthful, or—God forbid—poetic? Eh.

Now, what I do here, this infrequent posting of insignificant updates—would you call it blogging? Because I certainly wouldn’t. Nor would I call it weblogging/web logging. It’s probably closer to, let’s say, pissing in the wind?
The thing is, I just like to let my few visitors know, from time to time, that I’m still alive and breathing. And that, pretty much, is all I do here.*


  • Still alive? Check.
  • Still breathing? Check. (gotta have "breathing", otherwise I could be just a brain in a jar wired to a computer or whatever they invent in the future)
  • Still working on that novel sounds and music for AblationX? Check.
  • Still having a hard time making decisions about anything? Check.
  • Still stuck with a cat (see a few posts below)? Check.

I hope this checklist pleases many, many minds.

Love you all, but only one I am in love with.

p.s.: Avery Phergham…? No info on the internets, huh? Well, don’t lose your whole day on it, it’s just a made up name with no search results on Google. For now :)

*disclaimer: I think I actually posted some useful information a few times, or even a sample of work, hence the "pretty much" insertion 8]