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363:20:08 and how does Ablation X fit in here?

The numbers in the title, that’s approximately how much time in days:hours:minutes I have left before I turn 30.


It’s not like I’m going to die, not like Dean from Supernatural is going to (he so is going to hell, I’m tellin’ ya), but still, it’s depressing. And also the opposite (name the word). It’s both at the same time. Now. I’ll tell you more about it in, well… about a year?

And Ablation X fits in here like a wild goose fits on a windshield, but that’s just the way things are around here. I’ve created the Ablation X page in the Games section and it doesn’t show in the RSS feed, so I’m giving you a heads up here – ABLATION X GAME PAGE. Moving on.

I’ve received some weird, but very awesome gifts this year (author’s note: for my birthday). Mostly money. Which I can’t have. But I can buy myself new clothes for the given amount of it. Because I look like a tramp, according to my mother. And she’s afraid that I’d use the money for something else than clothes if she gave it to me for reals. And she’s absolutely right. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to find these three things: pants, hoodie, sneakers? By the time I find those that I like, it’ll be Christmas. And it’s not that I don’t like shopping, I’m your regular 16 year old giggly (is that a word?) girl when it comes to it, but I really can’t make myself buy something I’m not in love with from the moment I laid (*giggle*) my eyes on it. Oh, I’m so emo sometimes.

And in category “Cool birthday presents which are not money”, we have three beautiful items:

“How to get your music in film & TV” by Richard Jay (thanks, hon!)
American McGee’s Alice and Cheshire Cat ACTION FIGURES (not dolls, as Nenad calls them)  (again, thanks, hon!)
American McGee’s Alice t-shirt – megaultrafabulous! (and again, thanks, hon!)

I can’t wait for Alice: the movie, but sadly, it seems it could take another decade for it to come to life. And although SMG->SMP is not getting any younger, I’d still like to see her play Alice. But I must say, Summer Glau sounds like a great idea for a replacement.

I have a preliminary exam at 8:30 AM tomorrow so I’ll call it a day now and go watch Star Trek Voyager.. Digital reproduction photography. Colors. On a freakin saturday morning. Bloody hell. I’m going to fail miserably, don’t worry.

Don’t forget to make a happy face when staring at yourself in the mirror in the morning, it really helps ;)

The life of Avery Phergham

I really dislike the word "blogging". And "blog", in general. Weblog (or web log) sounds so much more profound, truthful, even poetic—right?

And people decided to go with the two-letter-shorter version.

Maybe because most people’s writing is not even close to being profound, truthful, or—God forbid—poetic? Eh.

Now, what I do here, this infrequent posting of insignificant updates—would you call it blogging? Because I certainly wouldn’t. Nor would I call it weblogging/web logging. It’s probably closer to, let’s say, pissing in the wind?
The thing is, I just like to let my few visitors know, from time to time, that I’m still alive and breathing. And that, pretty much, is all I do here.*


  • Still alive? Check.
  • Still breathing? Check. (gotta have "breathing", otherwise I could be just a brain in a jar wired to a computer or whatever they invent in the future)
  • Still working on that novel sounds and music for AblationX? Check.
  • Still having a hard time making decisions about anything? Check.
  • Still stuck with a cat (see a few posts below)? Check.

I hope this checklist pleases many, many minds.

Love you all, but only one I am in love with.

p.s.: Avery Phergham…? No info on the internets, huh? Well, don’t lose your whole day on it, it’s just a made up name with no search results on Google. For now :)

*disclaimer: I think I actually posted some useful information a few times, or even a sample of work, hence the "pretty much" insertion 8]