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Please your woman Rodolfo

“please your woman Rodolfo” is the title of an junk e-mail I’ve received today. Of course it was about the little blue pills which “Leonel” offered me for measly 1.56 cents each. What made me laugh is the title of this e-mail, because my christened name is Rudolf :)

Anyways, in times before Blue Security and their Blue Frog I’d just hit DEL and bye bye you go, dear spammer (and your Blue Pill). Now I click on a little blue frog on my toolbar and report it to Blue Security. My junk-marked mail still gets deleted, but, before that, it’s sent to someone who can possibly stop it from hitting my inbox in the future.

I can’t say that I’ve noticed any effects yet, I still get 30-40 spam e-mails a day, but I’ll give it time, it doesn’t cost me anything. And it feels good ;)