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Comments disabled until spammers buy new brains

It would make sense posting a hundred spam comments on some popular website with millions of hits a day, right? But here? Come on, it’s a waste of time unless you’re trying to piss me off.

I know that in my previous post I’ve encouraged you, dear spammies, to post more comments — but get a fucking life, will ya?

So, without much hesitation, I’m turning the bloody comments off. I think I’ll be installing Akismet, seems quick and reliable. Got any thoughts on this matter? Mail them to me, please ;)

Comment spam, 2nd try

I like spam. I love it. Really.

Yesterday, I was reading about the comment spam on Particletree and how it’s full of compliments. Today, I found myself in the same trouble. Good thing that I don’t have my sitemap linked anywhere, I’d probably end up with a thousand moronic comments, all with the same title (“My homepage”), inspiring content (“Great work!”, “Thank you!”, “Well done!”, “Good design!”, “Nice site!”) and a letter-mashup link beneath it.
I won’t disable comments as I don’t get them that often, so feel free to spam some more :)

Boring stuff, I know, I just had to brag about it.

Please your woman Rodolfo

“please your woman Rodolfo” is the title of an junk e-mail I’ve received today. Of course it was about the little blue pills which “Leonel” offered me for measly 1.56 cents each. What made me laugh is the title of this e-mail, because my christened name is Rudolf :)

Anyways, in times before Blue Security and their Blue Frog I’d just hit DEL and bye bye you go, dear spammer (and your Blue Pill). Now I click on a little blue frog on my toolbar and report it to Blue Security. My junk-marked mail still gets deleted, but, before that, it’s sent to someone who can possibly stop it from hitting my inbox in the future.

I can’t say that I’ve noticed any effects yet, I still get 30-40 spam e-mails a day, but I’ll give it time, it doesn’t cost me anything. And it feels good ;)

Woohoo. My first ever comment spam.

It’s funny how I thought this could never happen to me. I mean, I have an average of 26 page loads per day. That’s 26, dammit, a puny number. I thought the spam mob attacks only high-traffic, popular sites :)

Of course, I could be lying, now that I’ve deleted those same spammy comments in question without even thinking about what I’m doing. You know, maybe I’m posting this just so you would think that my site has somehow entered a higher league over night, and then link it up and alert all the people you know. Because, if it’s interesting enough to attract spammers, well, huh, you know it’s the good stuff.

Yeah, bring it on.

Update: seems that somebody understood my last sentence literally. Feel free to admire the beauty of nonsense! :D