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The cyborg army has taken my favorite mall hostage…

Hello world.

I’ve been wanting to write for weeks now, but my own CMS has become the very thing that stops me from doing that. It’s ugly, unfinished, and lacking features. I’ll be moving on to WordPress soon — It’s got all I need, and yet it’s simple to use and set up.

So, my dear faithful visitors (the 5 of you), have I wasted 3 and a half years ‘developing’ this CMS? Luckily — no, I really don’t think so. I’ve learned PHP, MySQL, and the basics of C by coding it. But I’m one, I’m lazy, and I’ve definitely lost the inspiration. When your own creation turns against you, you gotta pull the plug.

From now on, I’ll put my time and energy into recording sounds and collecting materials for my own sample CD’s, because, in the end, that is the reason why I’ve bought the Tascam and the SE3 mics.

I’ve been recording a lot during this summer and I hope you’ll all be able to hear (and enjoy) the fruits of my labor soon.

Next on my list is Rode NT4 stereo mic, and then, later — I’ll probably go for the Sony PCM-D1 for some pocket-size pro quality recordings (if nothing better hits the market in the following months).

In other news: Akismet works just fine and I’m grateful.

Love, peace, harmony… bah, I forgot the last one.

rave on.