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This week in comics, portable social networking, music, and addictive beverages

After two months of waiting (ground mail is still too-damn-slow), I’ve finally received my copy of Battle Angel Alita “Angel of Chaos” (book 7, 1st edition). And, same as my copy of book 3 (“Killing Angel”) that came two weeks earlier — it’s a used copy, not brand new, as a I thought. That said, I feel really stupid and illiterate. I guess I’ll have to bug some of my American friends to send it to me, after all.

Why is it so hard for people to ship their products worldwide? What’s the difference? I’m the one who’s paying the shipping cost, the seller doesn’t have to do a thing about it, but write ‘Croatia’ instead of ‘USA’.

Never mind, I’m not ready to rant about not being able to order anything but books, CD’s and DVD’s from Amazon. Not even games. Eh.

So, “Angel of Chaos” is a brilliant issue, I must say, a great read. Fun, very humorous, with plenty of action (well, as always), and more intriguing than, for example, issues 4–6 (which, although great, left me feeling unsatisfied). 4.5 stars, out of 5 :)

Continuing with the comics, I’d like to point you to the most recent Sinfest trilogy: “Broke into pieces“, “Broke into pieces 2“, and “Broke into pieces 3“. I love Sinfest, it’s one of the best comics I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, on- or off-line. And this mini trilogy is one perfect example why. It’s so simple and down to earth, yet so touching and über cute :)

Then we have the Penny Arcade folks who reveal how and why those “Wii-mote killed my TV” accidents took place.

And a Wulffmorgenthaler jewel from back in August :)

The problem with social networks friend-list portability was first pointed out by John Hicks (on his Flickr page, which shows no photos now?), expanded on “box of chocolates” by Derek Featherstone and finalized on Adactio by Jeremy Keith. Interesting reads with some good points.

I’m waiting for Breedart.org to come back online bigger, better and badder then ever before. I miss it badly, it’s like losing your address book and your phone. It’s like being stuck in small room with no door or windows, and with nothing in it to inspire you. Emptiness. Until it resurrects, I’ll be posting some of my music right here. I’m working on another piano track and thinking of adding a string quartet to back it up. Also, I’ll put up some of my old tracks in a new “other and unsorted” category :)

Ever heard of Regina Spektor? I’ve just found out about her by watching her video “Fidelity” on YouTube. She reminds me of Feist — a lot. But, when listening to miss Feist, I feel like I’m listening alone. With miss Spektor, I feel like I’m listening to her music with the whole world. I don’t know if that makes any sense, I can’t describe it any better, heh. I’ve been listening to her latest album “Begin to Hope” and I like it very much. It’s easy on the ears, she’s got a great voice and it makes you feel good. Recommended? Yes. I’m gonna go find and listen to her previous stuff now.

One last thing, as the title may suggest, is my Nescafé 3in1 addiction. I’ve successfully dropped the real coffee back in March, but this pest just won’t let me be. No tea feels like a good enough replacement for the sweet taste of this monster early in the morning :( What should I do, oh, how can I overcome this… need? I’m toasted, I get nervous if I don’t see that little brown packet on my kitchen desk when I wake up. Damn you, Nestlé!

I can’t wait to see the first snowflakes falling down. How about you?:D

I need help finding some comics :)

I’ve had no luck finding new copies of two first edition Battle Angel Alita comics, number 3 (“Killing Angel”) and number 7 (“Angel of Chaos”). They’re sold out on Amazon and even if they had new copies on their marketplace, I couldn’t order from there because Croatia isn’t on the list of countries they ship to.

Viz comics website offers 2nd edition only.

Barnes&Noble and Powell’s books have used copies only.

If you have any ideas as to where I could find these two comics, please write them down in the comments. I’m really in love with this comic and if someone helps me with this matter, I’ll send them all my CD releases — hard copies! Original! Signed, even! ;)

So, thank you all in advance :)

I’ve found both comics at Abebooks – they ship to Croatia and accept Visa and Mastercard, in case you were wondering :)

Yay! *claps hands and dances around the room*